The Lithuanian retail chain "Maisto Logistikos Centras" (MLC) has openly stated that it is currently under pressure from the "Mere" retail chain owned by the Russian capital company "Svetofor". It is likely that other small retailers face similar aggressive tactics. It is reported that Mere, taking advantage of its size and market power, threatens suppliers to terminate contracts and thus prevents Lithuanian networks from competing fairly.

Suppliers of goods are being blackmailed

The head of the Lithuanian retail chain "MLC" Justas Poderis revealed that after the opening of the third store Beautiful and with plans to open at least 3 more stores this year, is increasingly receiving calls from suppliers about terminated contracts. "Some suppliers do not reveal the reasons, but some have revealed that they were told to choose either us or the bigger Mere for the time being. Some suppliers did not succumb to such blackmail, which is good, but others did not want to risk losing profits. It's somewhat funny, but also sad because Russian business practices are noticeable and not stopped in Lithuania. This is not just a business - we are a trade network of Lithuanian capital, we support fair competition and do not justify such dirty games, which contribute to the decrease of choice for buyers and the support of the Russian regime."

J. Poderis does not hide that there were also talks with other small retail chains in Lithuania, who admitted that they also faced similar pressure from the "Mere" retail chain, especially if they tried to establish themselves in places close to them.

The Russian retail chain is facing problems

In Lithuania, the "Mere" retail chain, which has as many as 26 stores, is facing problems: experts increasingly criticize government representatives, although the latter assure that the activities of "Mere" in Lithuania can be limited only if it is decided to ban the activities of Russian capital companies in the European Union. It is also said that "Svetofor" plans to sell its network in Lithuania due to the risks that have arisen, but there is no more information about this.

Well, MLC representatives claim that they cannot fight against network blackmail: "Such business practices are in the gray zone. They are not morally correct, but businesses have a choice with whom to work and according to which aspects to choose partners, so we cannot solve this problem legally", says J. Poderis.

Addressing the Lithuanian public, the businessman calls for solidarity and choosing a non-Russian trade network, but any other one that does not support the Russian terrorist regime and does not encourage Russian business practices: "Consider the impact of your choices. By choosing a local grocery store, you're voting for local business, community and integrity."

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