British financial app Revolut, which has more than 35 million customers worldwide, is launching a home loan product. To create an innovative house purchase service, the company is starting a search for specialists, some positions are open to Lithuanians as well.

3 housing loan experts have already been hired in Lithuania, and about 15 more open positions for Lithuanians are planned to be announced in the near future. Housing loan experts are also hired in other European countries - Ireland, Spain, France.

Darius Klimas, head of the credit department at Revolut Bank, says that the search for housing loan specialists marks the company's first steps in the field of housing financing and the aspiration to give people more options to choose from. “Our financial services are characterized by ease of access, convenience and a fully digital user experience. The same criteria will be applied to newly created housing financing services," says D. Klim. 

Specific markets and dates when the service is planned to be offered to Europeans will be specified later. It is planned that Lithuanians will be among the first to be able to use this service.

This year, Revolut was awarded the "Great Place to Work" certificate by the international research and consulting institute for positive employee experience in 8 countries. It is awarded after evaluating employee feedback and conducting an independent analysis based on scientific research. The certificate was granted to the company in Spain, the United Kingdom, in Poland, in Lithuania, India, Portugal, Romania, Hungary.

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