Monday, October 22 Probably the most numerous chess game of the last decades starts in Vilnius crew officers' barracks (Pamėnkalnio st. 13) event "Max Zavanelli Memorial". More than 250 participants from 20 countries will take part in the event.

The event is dedicated to the chess supporter and investment expert who lived in Lithuania for many years, the American prof. In memory of Max Zavanelli (1946-2018).

4 classical chess tournaments are planned. October 22 the "A" or "Masters" tournament will start on Monday (participants' ELO rating above 2100). It will feature 7 international grandmasters, 2 women international grandmasters and a whole series of chess masters among other chess players. After 90 minutes, participants are given time to think about their parties. for each player, adding 30 seconds after each turn.

October 25 "B" tournament will start on Thursday (participants' ELO rating 1600-2100). 60 minutes are allocated for thinking about the parties of the participants. for each player, adding 30 seconds after each turn.

October 26 two tournaments will start immediately on Friday. "C" tournament (participants' ELO rating up to 1600 or participants without a rating) and "D" or children under 12 years old. age tournament. For the consideration of the parties of the participants
after 30 min. for each player, adding 30 seconds after each turn.

The Vilnius crew's military barracks was not chosen by chance as the venue for the competition. The biggest hobbies (passions) of Max Zavanelli's life were chess and military matters. M. Zavanelli was a chess master and JAV
army reserve col. lieutenant

The opening of the competition is on Monday, October 22 at 15:30. During the opening, the military-themed library collected by Max Zavanelli over the years will be handed over to the officers' corps. The competition closes on Sunday, October 28 at 18:00.

Having reached heights in business, prof. Mr. Zavanelli has been a generous supporter of chess clubs and tournaments for many years. In Vilnius, address Laisvės pr. 71-B operates the "Z chess" club supported by Max Zavanelli: the young one is raised
times, lectures are given, tournaments are held for adults and children.

M. Zavanelli - US National Chess Master (NM), Senior Correspondence Chess Master (SIM). Longtime Executive Secretary and Tournament Director (TD), International Arbitrator (IA) of the US Correspondence Chess Federation. in 2005 M. Zavanelli served as president of the International Correspondence Chess Federation (ICCF).

Max Zavanelli has had a very successful career in the investment business and in academia. in 1979 Zavanelli Portfolio Research was founded, the company later evolved into 3 separate successful corporations: ZPR Investment Management, ZPR Investment Research and ZPR
International. in 2000 M. Zavanelli founded the 1st Lithuanian investment fund - the NSEL 30 index fund, which invested in the 30 largest free capitalization companies whose shares are traded on the Lithuanian stock exchange
stock exchange. in 1991 M. Zavanelli was awarded the title of Roland George Distinguished Professor of Investment and Research at Stetson University in Florida, USA. According to M. Zavanelli himself, chess
helped a lot in reaching heights.

It will be possible to follow the results of the competition: (pasirinkus atitinkamą turnyrą) ir organizatorių svetainėje

Competition regulations:

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