M. Skuodis: it is important not only to adapt the reconstructed Vilnius TV tower to the needs of the public, but also to strengthen the security of its systems

The reconstruction works on the country’s tallest building – the Vilnius TV Tower – started last year, with most of the work concentrated in the upper “cup” of the tower carried out at a great height and required significant preparation and time. 2.1 million euros were invested in the reconstruction of the tower in 2021, with 2.5 million euros planned to be allocated this year. In addition, in the context of geopolitical circumstances, great attention is paid this year to ensuring the security of the TV tower and the entire broadcasting system.

“It is important to adapt the reconstructed TV tower to the needs of the public to the maximum. At the same time, it is important to use the reconstruction to strengthen the security of radio and television broadcasting systems and increase their resilience to various potential threats,” said Marius Skuodis, Minister of Transport and Communications, who visited the tower before 11 March commemoration and examined the process of reconstruction.

During the visit to the tower, the Minister paid great attention to the radio and television broadcasting systems, the core of which is located the Vilnius TV Tower, as well as their functioning in extreme circumstances.


The Ministry of Transport and Communications will also submit a proposal to the Government asking to recognise the TV tower reconstruction project as a project of national importance. The tower is the most important state-operated telecommunications node, which ensures a wide geographical coverage of the availability of radio and television services, and at the same time the accessibility of information to the public. Upon receiving this status, this cultural heritage object would be preserved and more efficiently utilised.

2.1 million euros were invested in the reconstruction of the TV tower in 2021. Most of the construction and reconstruction works were concentrated in the upper part of the TV tower – on two levels in the cup of the tower (at the height of 168 m and 173 m). The facade of these two levels has been replaced: observation windows have been installed in place of the former external walls and structures.

During the works, the roof of Paukščių Takas restaurant was covered with a new coating, and an outdoor terrace was installed. The installation of structures for future attractions at high altitudes – walks with a harness on the edge of the roof – has been completed. This year, a second coffee bar with observation spaces and a business conference centre is planned to be installed in the upper part of the tower, above the current restaurant.


“We strive for the reconstruction works to be carried out without interrupting the activities of the Vilnius TV Tower and the services for visitors. This poses some challenges for logistics and flow management. I am glad that both the contractors and visitors understand and willingly accept this situation,” said Remigijus Šeris, the Head of Telecentras, commenting on the progress of the work.

It is expected that in 2024, upon completion of all reconstruction works, about 3,700 sq m of new spaces will be opened or remodelled for new use. It is also planned to renovate the areas around the tower: an underground car park and an outdoor café will be built, the tunnel leading to the tower gallery and other objects around the tower will be reconstructed. After the reconstruction, the Vilnius TV Tower will be adapted for people with special needs, fire elevators will be installed, the fire system will be renewed, the internal infrastructure engineering networks will be replaced, and the energy infrastructure and broadcasting technologies and equipment will be updated. The January 13 Memorial Museum will also be renovated.

The Vilnius TV Tower is the tallest building in Lithuania and a unique building in terms of its engineering, which is included in the Cultural Heritage Register. It is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Vilnius. The 326 metres high Vilnius TV Tower annually receives an average of over 120 thousand visitors. After the reconstruction, the number of visitors is expected to reach 200,000 per year. The Vilnius TV Tower, built a little over four decades ago, has never been overhauled.

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