The Nemenčinė polyclinic has a new manager - from today, Rimgaudas Vincevičius, a long-time family medicine doctor, echoscopist and experienced management, will lead the polyclinic.

On the first day of work, R. Vincevičius, who won the competition and was determined to share his experience and knowledge with the Nemenčinė polyclinic community, congratulated Vilnius district the mayor of the municipality, Robert Duchnevič, together with the vice-mayor, Edita Tamošiūnaite.

"During the competition, two strong candidates were selected. I believe that R. Vincevičius will be able to best fulfill the tasks set by me as mayor. It is important for me that the manager ensures a positive microclimate in the team, encourages the arrival of new medical workers and keeps the existing ones. Of course, the new leader will have to improve the quality of services for patients, ensure greater and faster availability of services, as well as expand them, for example, through mobile dispensaries, so that people in more remote settlements can get healthcare services," said Mayor R. Duchnevič.

Appointed Mr. the mayor presented the doctor with a declaration of expectations, which specifies the main directions of the polyclinic's activities, the goals and principles of the activity.

The new head of the polyclinic says that he will seek to mobilize the institution's community to implement common goals, to improve conditions for both patients and medical staff.

"New experiences and challenges encourage professional development. I am ready for a new stage and I believe that I can help the patients of this polyclinic and hospital, as well as the staff, so that the services and working conditions are better. I believe that with my arrival, team relations will be better and warmer, and patients will receive better healthcare services. With joint efforts, we will achieve that the Nemenčinė Polyclinic will be better for everyone. I wish that each of you will feel like a full member of the team, because only thanks to teamwork we can achieve the set goals", said the new head of the polyclinic Rimgaudas Vincevičius.

The competition for the position of head of the Nemenčina polyclinic took place in 2024. March 19 There were a total of 13 candidates, of which the commission selected 2. The new manager was appointed by the mayor of Vilnius district for a 5-year term.

Rimgaudas Vincevičius has accumulated considerable experience and knowledge in the field of medicine. in 1994 entered the Faculty of Medicine of the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences. After his studies, he worked as a resident doctor at the Vilkaviškis hospital, as well as at the VU Santariškių clinics of family medicine doctors, as a family medicine doctor and echoscopist at VŠĮ Naujosios Vilnias polyclinic and UAB InMeDICA, in the latter he held the position of head for several years.

R. Vincevičius also has 17 years of work experience in the pharmaceutical field. Worked as regional manager, manager of medical representatives.

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