And again concert Vingio Park, and complaints again. This time he performed in Vilnius Vingios Park on Wednesday evening JAV performing group "Imagine Dragons". The next day, a bunch of negative comments appeared: some people got tripped up by the tara, others policemen regulating the traffic, others - noise, and still others - fireworks.

"Vilnius city municipality said NO to fireworks, but Imagine Dragons didn't know that," we read in one of the popular Facebook groups.

Indeed, the Vilnius city municipality adopted a resolution encouraging Vilnius residents, companies and city guests to abandon fireworks. However, this resolution is not a ban. That is why "Imagine Dragons" and the organizers of the event did not have to apply to the municipality with a request to allow the use of fireworks during the concert.

"Vilnius city municipalities The council has adopted a resolution inviting Vilnius residents, city guests, companies and organizations of the capital to abandon dangerous and pollution-increasing fireworks during the holidays and instead choose other, non-dangerous ways to celebrate special occasions. The Law on the Control of the Circulation of Civil Pyrotechnic Devices of the Republic of Lithuania does not prohibit the use of pyrotechnic devices, therefore the Municipality Administration, in accordance with the requirements of the legal acts, did not object to the use of fireworks during the concert", says Irmantas Kuzas, Public Information Specialist of the Vilnius City Municipality.

The municipality itself refused fireworks in its events. For some time now, the city's festivities have been decorated with various light installations created by modern technology, laser, light, and drone shows. The municipality does not seek to ban, but wants to show by example that it is possible to celebrate the holidays impressively, as long as it does not harm us and the environment around us.

The municipality also informed that on August 16 received one written and several phone complaints after the Imagine Dragons concert in the evening. Vilnius residents complained about the loud music coming from the park.

After the "Imagine Dragons" concert, residents' complaints poured in on the Internet. Some complained about the tare fee - one cup cost 3 euros during the event. It was possible to return it in special booths, but after the event there were long queues and many decided to simply not wait any longer. Others complained that police regulated the flow of people on the bridge. Still others did not like the extremely loud music coming from the park.

Photo: Michael Smith

It is not allowed to publish, quote or otherwise reproduce information in public information media and internet websites without the written consent of UAB "Naujojios medijos grupė"

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