In order to draw the public's attention to the topics of responsible consumption, sorting, sustainability or to destroy entrenched myths about the sorting of packaging waste, the association of producers and importers "Gamtos ateitis" does it not only seriously, but also cheerfully. The attention-grabbing characters created by the association and traveling all over Lithuania - sorting ambassadors Plastic, Paper and Glass - this time shared knowledge about sustainability with the "Lidl"store buyers.

A survey commissioned by "Gamtos ateitis" by "Baltijos irīci" revealed that the number of Lithuanians who always and often sort is growing and reached 79% last year. However, Diana Ramanauskaitė, head of publicity and marketing of the association, notes that despite the encouraging results, it is also worth paying attention to the motives of those who chose not to sort, among which belief in myths is very often found. Meanwhile, as control checks show, even those who sort lack the knowledge or desire to do it correctly, because about 30 percent packaging waste containers are still contaminated with inappropriate waste.

Encourages the development of positive habits

Getting the public interested in the topic of sustainability can be a difficult task today, so "Gamtos ateitis" has chosen direct communication and sorting ambassadors who stand out in the crowd as one of the tools for this.

D. Ramanauskaitė notes that their attendance at various events, shopping and leisure centers, kindergartens, schools and other public gathering places helps to reach not only those who are familiar with the topics of sustainability, sorting, and responsible consumption, but also residents who are not interested in it and the elderly people who are not active in the virtual space.

"With this initiative, we aim to draw people's attention to responsible consumption and the importance of sorting packaging waste. We understand that it is sometimes easy to get lost in the abundance of information, so we chose to spread the word not only in the virtual space, but also through live communication. This allows you to feel the pulse of society even better, to hear what problems people face, what questions they have. The scourge of this age is the growing amount of plastic waste, which is why we pay special attention to the prevention of plastic waste in our campaigns. And if it is impossible to avoid such waste, then it is important to sort it correctly", asserts the head of publicity and marketing of "Gamtos ateitis".

"By implementing the RESET Plastic strategy, we aim to reduce the use of plastic by a third by the end of 2025 and ensure that all packaging for our private label products is maximally recyclable and uses at least 25% of the packaging. recycled plastic. These are ambitious goals that we pursue with decisive and creative solutions. In order to achieve these goals, we also involve our customers, and by contributing to the "Future of Nature" initiative, we believe that in this way they will also take care of the use of plastic more responsibly and we will all enjoy a cleaner nature together", says Antanas Bubnelis, Head of Corporate Affairs and Communications at Lidl Lietuva .

The cheerful characters fascinated the youth the most, and aroused the interest of the elderly

During the campaign held on Tuesday, sorting ambassadors also distributed nature-friendly and positive habit-building gifts to visitors and buyers of the shopping center - reusable shopping bags, bags for weighing products, and sorting task books for children.

"According to data from the European Commission, single-use plastic bags are one of the ten most common types of waste in Europe. They are usually used only once, but take centuries to decompose. When these bags break down, they break down into microplastics, which can also enter our bodies. We understand that it takes time to develop a new habit, so we hope that these small, reusable gifts will become the first step and an incentive to change", shares D. Ramanauskaitė.

During the promotion, the group of teenagers who were clamoring near the store did not hide their good emotions, they were happy with the gifts and hurried to take pictures with the cheerful characters. "We try to sort things out, maybe everything doesn't always work out perfectly. And sorting is highly encouraged in our school. We try not to use plastic disposable bags. After all, we go to the store almost every day after school, so if we took a plastic bag every time, how many of them would we use. Actions like today make you think," the girls shared.

Senior Danutė said that the impressive-looking sorting ambassadors lifted her spirits and made her smile. "After all, we rarely smile when we talk about trash," she said. And when asked about her sorting habits, Danutė said that she has been sorting carefully for several years, and her hand simply does not rise by itself, for example, to throw paper packaging into the household waste container. The elderly woman is still trying to "tame" only the orange bags for food waste.

Rita, a young girl, has no doubts about whether it is worth sorting, reducing the use of plastic, choosing reusable bags. "Only someone who lives under a rock can not know and not practice these things. It has become a norm, a common thing. I sort, I try to reduce consumption in general. I care about our future - I want to live on this Earth, I don't have a spaceship to fly to other planets. Therefore, I evaluate every such action very positively", she said.

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