Vilnius district in the 1st crime department of the third police commissariat of the chief police commissariat of the city of Vilnius, a pre-trial investigation is being conducted on the theft (Article 178 d. 5 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Lithuania).

January 25 of this year. from 13 p.m. 15 minutes until 13 p.m. 45 minutes In Vilnius, a backpack with things was stolen on the 14th route bus.

In the course of the investigation, a recording of video surveillance cameras was obtained, which recorded the person who may have committed this criminal act. The person was wearing a black hat, a black hooded jacket, black long boots, and a blue backpack.

Police officers are asking for the public's help - those who recognize this man caught on video cameras should contact the Vilnius district. Gražina Sinkevič, the chief investigator of the 1st activity department of the third police commissariat of Vilnius city of the chief police commissariat, tel. +370 700 6408, mobile +370 602 63127 or call the emergency services number 112.

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