Over the weekend, an attempt was made to set fire to a speedometer near Palanga. Previously, a kick to the so-called tripod cost 40 thousand euros for one actor. Speedometers is increasingly becoming a target for drivers who want to speed but can't. However police warns - it's not worth bothering, because these meters are there, there will be more of them.  

Vytautas Grašys, head of the Public Order Office of the Police Department, told more about it. 

- Why do people dislike speedometers so much and destroy them? 

- In summary, the absolute majority of drivers do not have any objections to the meters, they follow the traffic rules and it is not relevant for them. Of course, there are hooligans, jerks who think or imagine that if the speedometer is damaged, some data or something else will disappear. It is regrettable at this point - state property is damaged, and a person is held criminally responsible for it. On the other hand, the person must compensate for the state's damage, and those devices are quite expensive and the person has a debt of several tens of thousands. 

- Do people often trip over these devices? 

- No, it's not often enough that people get stuck with those devices. Again, there are all kinds of cases that interfere with measuring speed, etc. In this place, after they find out, and sometimes apply legal sanctions for obstructing work, they realize... I want to say that the absolute majority of drivers are probably really happy that the speedometers are stopping speeders and the traffic is becoming safer. 

- What is the risk of trying to obstruct, destroy, damage the speedometer? 

- This is really stupid behavior. There is a threat of criminal liability, as state property is being destroyed and the damage suffered needs to be compensated. Meters are quite expensive equipment, its repair is quite expensive 40-60 thousand. Damage estimated in euros rests on the shoulders of the jerk, the hooligan. 

- How do you catch such hooligans? 

- There is enough video recording equipment and it's really not too difficult to trace the person who did it. As far as I know, certain speedometers are equipped with an alarm if we are talking about stationary ones. And with the so-called tripods, there is always a police officer who monitors the environment, captures the video surveillance system, and that violator is arrested immediately.  

- Maybe the drivers are angry because sometimes the tripods are placed in certain places where there are neither residents nor houses. Like officials, the state seeks to make money instead of performing its real function.  

- I can assure you that the officials really do not seek to make money. All the recorded violations just put an additional burden on the officers when investigations need to be carried out.. We do it professionally, the selected places are based on emergency sections, according to the extent to which a traffic accident can happen when there is an unselectable safe speed. Other stationary speed meters are placed in one place or another according to certain systems and algorithms.  

- Do drivers in other countries also try to damage meters, or are we unique in some way? 

- Everything happens, but perhaps in other countries, as far as I know, there are fewer of those dissatisfied persons. In other countries, police officers, workers are more creative in placing those speed meters. As far as I know, in Germany they are placed in garbage containers, installed in trailers, even wooden models are made, in which speedometers are placed. We still have room to think creatively about how we can protect Lithuanian road users from road hazards. 

- Apparently, you will not comfort the drivers and the number of speed meters will only increase. 

- I think yes, their functionality will expand, probably not only speed violations, technical inspection or civil liability insurance will be recorded. There are technologies that detect not wearing seat belts and the use of mobile communication equipment. Those technologies are improving. I think in order to keep us all safe, we need to discipline those who don't want to.  

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