According to Sodros, there are still 60 self-employed people who have taken advantage of the exemption to defer compulsory health insurance (PSD) contributions due to the COVID-000 pandemic and have not paid these contributions until May 19. The total debt of PSD contributions postponed due to the pandemic and quarantine is 1 million. euros. Additional reminders/calls to pay installments were sent to these borrowers through their personal Sodra accounts in May.

If payment is not made within this week, collection of these arrears will begin on June 3rd. In addition, these PSD debtors will be considered uninsured and will not be able to use the services of health care and treatment facilities for free, receive reimbursed drugs. Providing essential assistance does not take into account whether a person is covered by compulsory health insurance or not.

About 115 self-employed people used the opportunity to temporarily not pay contributions, and so far, about 000 have paid off the remaining debt from the quarantine.

Self-employed residents, who are not employed as well as employed and are not covered by state-funded health insurance, must pay the minimum mandatory health insurance (PSD) premium of 6,98 percent every month. from the minimum monthly salary (MMA).

During the COVID-19 pandemic, until a state of emergency was declared and quarantine, self-employed residents had the right not to pay current PSD contributions. Even without paying these premiums, they were able to access health care services.

If a person used this tax relief during the entire quarantine, the maximum amount of unpaid PSD contributions per person can reach almost 700 euros (692,56 euros).

All self-employed residents who did not pay PSD contributions during the quarantine received "Sodra" notices indicating the exact amount to be paid. Messages were sent to personal "Sodros" account or by email.

If a person cannot immediately pay all the specified PSD contribution debt, he can submit a request for a postponement of the payment of PSD contribution arrears.

Indebtedness can be deferred if the amount of the debt is greater than 125 euros and if the person does not have a valid debt deferral decision.

If a person previously applied for debt deferment, but violated the terms of the deferment and as a result the decision became invalid, it is possible to reapply for debt deferment only after a year. The debt can be deferred if its collection is not transferred to the bailiff.

It is important to remember that until June 2 failure to pay the specified PSD contribution or failure to submit a request for a postponement of its payment may result in the termination of the mandatory health insurance.

It is also important to continue paying your current PSD contributions. In 2024, the PSD contribution is paid from the minimum monthly salary of 64,50 euros per month.

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