Astrological forecast for Tuesday, May 28

ARIES. You will want to communicate, talk. A new acquaintance made today can give a new direction to your abilities and goals. Or it may become clear whether some project that interests you will progress.

TAURUS. Possible offer related to travel, conference. This can cause anxiety. What ever, it is possible and necessary to handle important matters. Don't stop halfway even if you feel a slight disappointment or doubt.

TWINS. Activities related to science, information, travel, international commerce will do well. Perhaps you will receive a message or an invitation to meet a person of interest from abroad or from an official institution.

CANCER. You will have worries, maybe not everything will go as planned. However, there is a chance that you will be able to find people who are favorable to you, who can support you financially or otherwise, advise you.

LION. Apparently, you will not sit idly by and will try in every way to draw attention to yourself. Everything should go smoothly, but do not blindly trust in your charm and success. Maybe what you like is not completely acceptable to others.

VIRGIN. Planned works will be good. Physical and emotional activity will increase. It is useful to take care of health, nutrition, and improve working and living conditions. Pay more attention to those who care about you.

SCALES. There will be no shortage of people around you who want to chat and give advice. You will feel good if you clarify your love relationship or discuss your immediate future plans with an interesting person.

SCORPION. Both family and work matters, colleagues will require a lot of attention, but you can also expect help from them, a greater desire to contribute to the creation of general well-being, repairs, projects, various preparation works, etc.

SAGITTARIUS. You can expect good achievements in matters related to science, advertising, media, and communications. Perhaps you will have to clarify relations with relatives and neighbors. You can raise the wings if you have planned a short trip.

CAPRICORN. Financial and property matters will be taken care of. It is likely that there will be an opportunity to earn money, sell, exchange or purchase the desired object or product. On the other hand, the costs can be expected to be considerable.

WATER. You won't lack attentiveness and energy today, but you can be overly emotional. Anything can happen because of it. If you get involved, then you will become more active, more diligent and will not make mistakes.

FISH. You won't be able to swim downstream today, even if you wanted to. Be careful, don't reveal your plans - you will win more if you act confidentially. Secret hopes can be triggered by an intriguing hint.

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