Astrological forecast for Saturday, April 13

ARIES. You will communicate a lot, joke, flirt. You can arrange a desired date, trip, etc. However, it is important not to lose self-control with contacts, because the situation will be unstable. The evening is more conducive to a quiet stay at home than to adventure.

TAURUS. Today you will be most concerned about comfort, beauty, and nature. It would be suitable to clean up the household, do crafts, earthworks, decoration. In the evening, a meeting or an event is possible, which will not necessarily make you happy.

TWINS. You will probably try to break free from inertia, passivity, take up more active activities, seek the attention of the person you like, etc. Do not force the situation, as you may end up in an awkward position. Beware of scammers, thieves.

CANCER. The day may seem strange. Idealism and impracticality may not harm you, but unscrupulous crooks may try to take advantage of it. Be more careful and do not give in to manipulations.

LION. Since the morning, you will have to communicate a lot and solve the problems of those around you. Do not give in to manipulation. If you are tired or can no longer meet other people's needs, at least for a while protect your personal space, be alone.

VIRGIN. Today you can expect troubles, strange reproaches. Try to adapt to those around you, but don't let them manipulate you. Beware of thieves, poisoning.

SCALES. You can experience unusual experiences. Perhaps you will receive an offer to go on a trip, participate in an international event, etc. You should not expect too much - lures, promises will not necessarily be true. Beware of scammers, thieves, avoid intoxicants.

SCORPION. Apparently, your appetite for material things, sex, delicacies will increase. You will not spare money and time for some temptations and entertainment. You can disappoint someone with that. It is important that your hobbies do not harm children.

SAGITTARIUS. Today you can appear in public, shine in the company of friends, etc. If you rush to seek popularity, you may not even notice how misunderstandings will arise in your relationships with the people closest to you. Try to defuse the situation immediately. Avoid alcohol.

CAPRICORN. Today it is good to take more care of health and hygiene. It would be good to toughen up, do sports, but increase the load carefully so as not to harm your health. In no case do not get behind the wheel while intoxicated or drowsy.

WATER. You will suddenly become carefree, relaxed, in the mood to dive into adventures, turn your back on buried worries. However, dubious pleasures can cost a lot.

FISH. Hypocrisy and deceit can prevent you from achieving your goal, even though you may think it will only help. Instead, give kindness and don't pursue selfish goals. You shouldn't bother yourself with trips and contacts you don't want. Beware of thieves.

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