It is not possible to oust the Russian retail chain "Mere" from Lithuania

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  1. Go ahead says:

    Buying from kacap is indirectly financing the production of a bomb that will be dropped on you. You must be quite contused. The same applies to Lithuanian manufacturers who continue to run a business with kacaps - you have to be stupid to buy from them. This is no longer a question of price!

    • Xoxol says:

      Did you know that we use US LNG, only resold from the USA?

    • Josephus Flavius says:

      And to buy from **** is to indirectly finance the production of the bomb used in the Gaza Strip???

  2. I was seen says:

    The store also sells Ukrainian goods.

  3. Poor buyer says:

    Although in one store, even for a short while, I felt like a rich person.

  4. The law of the market says:

    Does competition really reduce prices? Why does that retail chain have no competition? Why are they able to sell at low prices and still earn good profits? Why are low-price chains no longer fashionable in Lithuania? Who let them into the Lithuanian market?

  5. Oksana says:

    Need to destroy those stores!!!

    • Crystal Nights says:

      Oh yes, "oksana"!
      Like in the Gaza Strip!
      Here's an example! In the name of Holy Democracy!

  6. Uz says:

    The article is published, I wonder how much they paid for that striptease. We only have to go to our stores and be able to. Every now and then 1 or 2 euros will be stolen.

  7. Happiness says:

    Let other shopping centers lower their prices, and Mary will close herself. And for now, they are only able to be jealous and in every way drive hostile propaganda.

  8. She buys says:

    A good store opens on Minsko st. It is very convenient to enter directly into the pitch. They sell at inadequate prices, they don't fool our people with prices.

  9. Scissors says:

    Great store with prices even with a 1000% markup.

  10. Haha says:

    A good goal!

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