On Friday, the doors and ramps were officially opened in Vilnius by the country's second "Lidl Lithuania" logistics center. The logistics center, which is characterized by innovative and environmentally friendly solutions, will allow to continue the development of the network in Lithuania, and its efficient work will continue to ensure the best price-quality ratio for buyers. More than 200 jobs were created in the logistics center located near Lentvaris.

The area of ​​one of the most modern logistics centers in the Baltic States is about 64 thousand square meters. sq. meters. Investments in this logistics center amounted to more than 100 million. euros.

Having already two ultra-modern logistics centers in Lithuania, the activity will allow to continue to ensure the freshness of the goods, will shorten the delivery routes of the goods, which will lead to a lower impact on the environment.

"In the modern world of retail trade, the logistics center is like a heartbeat that keeps the entire network running. Until now, we had one logistics center Beautiful, opened 8 years ago. Investments in this logistics center amount to more than 100 million. euros. The new logistics center will allow us to be even closer to our customers, provide them with a fresh and high-quality assortment and offer the best prices on store shelves. At the same time, the investments in this logistics center allowed the creation of more than 200 jobs, and at the same time will contribute to the strengthening of the country's economy", says Armando Lopes, head of Lidl Lietuva.

The Minister of Economy and Innovation of the Republic of Lithuania participated in the opening event Dawn Armonaitė emphasized that the further development of Lidl has become an example of successful development and will be an incentive for other foreign companies to establish themselves in the country.

"Germany is increasingly establishing itself as a strategic economic and political partner of Lithuania. Lidl's development and investment in our country is a great example of this process. This is good news for the people of the country and for our economy. We hope that Lidl's success in Lithuania will encourage other German companies to invest here as well," says A. Armonaitė.

The mayor of Vilnius at the opening event of the new logistics center Valdas Benkunskas was pleased with the shopping chain's investment in the city's infrastructure and the creation of new jobs.

"Lidl's further investment in the city contributes to new infrastructure, job creation and the edge of the capital." Responding to the needs of employees, a logistics center is planned nearby public transport infrastructure development and solutions for sustainable mobility", says the mayor of Vilnius, who participated in the official opening of the logistics center V. Benkunskas.

There is an abundance of sustainable solutions

Both the first Lidl logistics center near Kaunas and the new building stand out for their environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions. The refrigeration facilities in the new logistics center are equipped with environmentally friendly refrigerants, the heat energy released during refrigeration is used to heat other premises. A 1,6MW solar power plant has been installed on the roof of the logistics center, which will meet approximately one-fifth of its needs. Smart LED outdoor and indoor lighting is also installed.

Locks (buffer rooms) are installed in the logistics center to ensure an uninterrupted cold chain for delivered products. Delivered goods will go from the vehicle to these temperature-controlled locks and from there to the storage room. In this way, the loss of energy used for refrigeration is also avoided.

The logistics center is planned to be certified according to the international standard "Edge", which shows that the company follows the highest standards of sustainability in its activities. The Vilnius Logistics Center is also the first construction project in the history of Lidl Lietuva, the design of which took place in a virtual 3D environment. This made it possible to speed up the design, construction and reduce its costs.

3,5 thousand trees were planted on the plot of the logistics center. various seedlings and plants - trees, bushes, hedges, herbaceous plants.

The construction of the logistics center was implemented by the general contracting company "Conres". It is estimated that more than 450 workers worked at the facility at one time during the most active construction period.

Focus on employees and more than 200 jobs

More than 200 specialists will work in the new logistics center. The company's product flow management, sales and personnel teams will also work here. The logistics center is equipped with modern and comfortable administrative work and rest areas. It also has comfortable and cozy rest areas.

Most of the new team that will work near Lentvaris has already been formed, but Lidl Lietuva is still inviting those who want to join to work as order pickers in the new logistics center.

The company, which offers the highest average salary among the country's major retail chains (according to the "Rekvizitai.lt" portal), provides all employees with additional health insurance after the trial period, invites employees and their children up to the age of 14 to get a free flu vaccination every year, and gives away vitamin kits. "Lidl Lietuva" also takes care of the emotional health of its employees - it offers the help of specialists in this field, employees can also receive free anonymous consultations on legal, personal or financial issues.

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